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Take better control of your business with meaningful accounting insights and timely tax advice.

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Bookkeeping & BAS

Don’t stress about skipping out on regular, ongoing bookkeeping and BAS compliance practices.



Save time and avoid errors and penalties with our payroll experts who can get your numbers organised.

Melbourne Bookkeeping

& Systems

Eliminate the annoying paperwork and automate your accounting systems and processes today.

Accounting and bookkeeping services Melbourne

Business Advice

Understand where your business is at and leverage the power of data analytics to start-up, grow, expand or sell.

Accounting and bookkeeping services Melbourne

& Mortgages

Access a wide range of business or home loan financial support with over 30 lenders to choose from.

Why choose
Uplift Accounting ?

  • Integrated offerings. Holistic solutions.
  • Timely advice. Proactive decision-making.
  • No one-size-fits-all policy. Tailor-made services.
  • Cloud services. 100% online accounting.
  • No hidden surprises. Fixed fee packages.
  • Real time data analytics. Better business insights.
  • Dedicated support. Teamwork approach.

Value Beyond Numbers!

Uplifting your business is about bringing the best out of your business. It’s about decluttering for clarity, order, focus and peace. Ultimately, it’s about building your confidence and helping you reach your goals.Get all accounting service according to your needs with one of top accountant in melbourne!

We want you to play to your strengths and run your business successfully. So we take care of the heavy lifting and free up your time so you can work on taking your business to the next level.Our aim is to help our clients grow their business by providing them effecient accounting and taxation services.

Get acquainted with your versatile business uplifters today!

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Industry Expertise

Allied Health

We assist allied health professionals and practice owners to build their business in a highly regulated industry. Our services help you:

  • Set up the right business structure for you.
  • Stay up-to-date and compliant with new regulations.
  • Navigate all taxation matters to ease your tax burden.
  • Analyse new care models as your business grows.

We serve a wide range of allied health professionals in Melbourne including art therapists, audiologists, podiatrists, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, chiropractors, counsellors, massage therapists, yoga therapists and more.

Grow your business, accelerate your profits and liberate your lifestyle with less accounting and bookkeeping stress.

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We help those in the hospitality industry thrive and prosper using the right mix of traditional and digital business accounting solutions. Our services include:

  • Traditional tax and accounting services including day-to-day bookkeeping and weekly payroll management to help you stay on top of things.
  • Easy-to-use cafe accounting software to manage your cash flow better, monitor your inventory and pay your staff online from anywhere.

Our clients include local Melbourne cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, sandwich bars, sushi bars and more.

Spend less time on tedious, mundane tasks and more time on making your business thriving success.

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Running a childcare centre is no easy task. Constantly changing government reforms mean that everyday challenges for your business to remain competitive and relevant are inevitable. But, if managed well, childcare is a highly profitable business. And that’s where we come in. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Childcare accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax compliance services.
  • Assistance in setting up new childcare centres.
  • Help with obtaining the right licenses.
  • Data analytics and reporting.
  • Advise on franchise operations.

Our expertise childcare accounting and business services cover a broad range of childcare operators including long day care centers, family day care schemes, educators, babysitters and nanny services.

Take a deep breath and let our tailor-made childcare accounting solutions keep your business in the game.

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As a budding entrepreneur in any industry, we understand that you need lots of guidance and support at this starting phase. We have the patience to work with you and get you smoothly through main compliance requirements and help you build a solid foundation for your business.

Our advisory services add more value when you’re making the most critical decisions as you work on taking your new venture to the next level. Our highly affordable all inclusive start-up package has the service inclusions to support you through-out your first years.

Are you a start-up looking to get your basics right?

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Building & Construction

There are so many different perspectives to take into consideration when operating in this industry. You could work in the property industry as a small residential or commercial investor, or even as a residential or commercial property developer. We help you get out of the everyday struggle. Our services include:

  • Managing your cash flow effectively to realise your hidden profits.
  • Providing you with the right expertise advice that can help your business flourish day by day.

Did you know that the ATO usually audits the first refund for developments? We take you through a smooth compliance process to ensure that your first refund is released in a timely manner and that you pass that first audit.

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Creative Agencies

We are fortunate enough to assist a wide range of clients in the creative industry. Musicians, celebrities, digital agencies, graphic artists, architects, interior designers, web designers and all other creative professionals – we understand how tax time can be daunting for you.

We help you get organised despite your heavy schedule, constant travels and time spent managing your crew. Our aim is to show you a difference in how we help you handle tedious tasks and to give you a stress free tax and accounting experience.

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Technology & E-commerce

Technology & E-commerce businesses need timely advice and value added services beyond basic compliance. Your tech business together with our know-how to improve your operations and prepare for the future will help you achieve the best. We serve software services, online stores, app developers, gaming & entertainment providers, hardware developers, IT consultants, telecommunication businesses and a wide range of innovative tech businesses in the industry.

Our comprehensive mix of compliance and advisory services allow technology businesses to stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry. We are expert app integrators who can help you with integrating your business with right set of useful tools to streamline your operations

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Trades & Services

Trades and Services is a large and diverse industry sector. From our experience working with our tradesman clients just like you, we know how busy you can get attending to the daily needs of your customers. We also know how easily you can get bogged down with your own bookkeeping, and that tax and finance is not what you want to be focusing on. Our services include:

  • Excellent bookkeeping, tax and BAS compliance solutions for you.
  • Use of modern technology and practices to assist you with cloud accounting, technology integrations, cash flow forecasting, daily accounts payable and receivables management.

Grow your business, accelerate your profits and liberate your lifestyle with less accounting and bookkeeping stress.

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Transport & Logistics

You’re operating in a highly competitive and demanding industry with a lot of industry specific challenges. Keep moving forward with someone who understands your industry and can help you address your challenges better. Our services include:

  • Dealing with everyday small business tax compliance needs including GST accounting and BAS preparation, fuel tax credits, preparation of financial statements and year end tax returns.
  • Helping you with our expertise advice and support to grow your business, and address those business compliance and management issues.

We serve clients over a wide range of industry backgrounds from truck owners/drivers to freight forwarders and large fleet operators.

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Medical Professionals & Practices

Make complex medical accounting easy and stress free with the Uplift Medical Accounting experts.

Our medical accounting services for doctors, specialists, consultants, dentists, medical practices and medical practice owners are unique to each medical profession.

From starting your career as a practicing medical professional, to building your own practice, we can help you with the right tools and advice to get you on your way.

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Accounting and bookkeeping services Melbourne

Happy clients

Listen to what our clients have to say about Uplift Accounting

“Upon my first enquiry with Uplift Accounting, I’ve been very impressed with both their
technical knowledge and customer service. Chandi and Dean’s attention to detail, guidance
and ability to ask the right questions have helped me gain a much stronger understanding of
my tax planning, lending and broader financial needs. Highly recommended!”

“When you have a conversation with Uplift Accounting, you know they care about you, your business and
business finances. They’re an immense help for us to understand our business tax and
personal finances.”

“Uplift has given so much support to my business from the start. Their words of knowledge,
support and encouragement has really meant so much to me to expand my business.”

“Bookkeeping, payroll, business tax and our personal tax all handled by Uplift Accounting. We’ve been
introduced to Xero and shown us how to streamline our processes. We are a medium size
company and we have a stress-free accounting thanks to them.”

Ivon N., Director, Constructions Business
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Is your business looking to outsource its accounting operations to an Australian-based, Australian-owned accounting firm? Are you a growing business frustrated with not receiving timely, proactive financial advice?

Do you want to achieve greater efficiency and scale by streamlining your outdated business processes using the latest cloud technologies available?

Whatever your accounting and business advisory needs are, we’re here to take care of you. Your physical location isn’t so important. We connect with our clients virtually and globally using the latest innovative technologies. We’re modern yet professional accountants looking into the future.

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